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Sprayon S71101 1-Gallon 711 The Protector Lubricant Case of 4


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Sprayon® 711® The Protector™ Lubricant

Sprayon® 711® is a general maintenance penetrant unmatched in its versatility and quality. Known as The Protector™, it's the clear-cut choice of industry to penetrate, lubricate, demoisturize and inhibit corrosion. First, Sprayon® 711's fast-acting creep factor penetrates the most microscopic irregularities to loosen frozen parts. Then, corrosion inhibitors and lubricants leave a protective barrier that displaces moisture and prevents rusting to keep your parts working freely. Application in the most difficult places is now simple with the SPRAY ANYWAY™ valve on the aerosol can.

  • NSF reg. no. 115051; H2 rated
  • Completely protects metal surfaces from corrosive elements
  • Need not be removed prior to surface treating, painting, joining or other processes
  • Can eliminate moisture-induced short circuits in electrical and electronic applications
  • Safe on plastic surfaces
  • Aerosol delivers 17% more usable product with its C02 propellant
  • Formulated to ensure maximum moisture displacement

Recommended Uses: Bearings, production lines, machinery, sports equipment, electrical wiring, ignition systems, weapons, connectors, linkages, circuitry, transformers, operating controls, nuts and bolts, production equipment, and all other metal surfaces.


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